Introducing Heart Craving

Earlier this fall, we wrote about our collaborative venture (here and here). Pearl’s OysterBed and The Forgiven Wife are working together to walk with our Christian sisters as they walk the journey toward stronger intimacy and connection in their marriages.

We have already begun our collaboration. We have used our individual social media accounts to share each other’s work. We have synchronized some of our posts so we address the same topic in tandem. We link with each other.

Our readers shared wonderful suggestions for what we could name our collaborative adventure. We considered them all. We looked back at our original brainstorming. We read Song of Solomon, again. We spent hours in Facebook chat and email, digging deep until we got to the heart of our ministry.

We often talked about ourselves as being on a path, walking a journey, inviting other wives to join us and walk with us a while. We remembered where we were before we began walking this path. We wanted to honor the wife who is stubborn, or timid, or afraid, or hurt and doesn’t know how to take that very first step. We also wanted to honor the wives who have begun their walk. We want to recognize the goal of this particular path.

This path is about what our hearts have craved.

We were hurting, and we wanted to be healed.

We were disengaged from our marriages, and we wanted to be engaged.

We were no longer certain of our appeal to our husbands, and we wanted to be alluring.

Our marriages had grown apart, and we wanted to be reconciled.

Instead of feeling disconnected from our husbands, we wanted to feel together.

We were hurting. Our hearts craved that we be . . .

. . . Healed. . . . Engaged. . . . Alluring. . . . Reconciled. . . . Together.

HEART. We walk this path because of a heart craving, a craving for HEART.

HEART Craving.

One image is hearts, linked together. The other image is a pearl, the result of healing over grit and sand

Two hearts, linked together, carved out of the sand that leads to a pearl.

Today, we move forward together.

Pearl’s OysterBed and The Forgiven Wife will continue on their individual paths, with their unique ministries, with their own blogs and social media. That won’t change.

HEART Craving will now be a common thread woven throughout both these blogs. This thread will continue as it has begun, with sharing, linking, and synchronizing. As we move forward, this thread will grow more strands.

We invite you to join us on the path toward your HEART Craving.

(We invite you to visit our HEART Craving Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, too!)