Prayer Wall


Prayer Wall 3

As you walk the path toward a better connection with your husband and the full intimacy of marriage, you are likely to find some spots when you feel stuck or you stumble. There will times when one step makes a huge stride. Other times, it will take all you can do to just stay where you are without falling.

How can we pray for you in your marriage journey? What praises would you like to offer? What struggles do you face?

Use the comments to post your prayer needs as well as your praises. Be sure to come back and update us as you see God working in your marriage.

Ladies, please take a few moments to pray for your Christian sisters here.


4 thoughts on “Prayer Wall

  1. My husband needs healing from his addictions to meth, porn w/selfsex, his phone. He keeps his secrets on his phone and uses it to watch porn. I need prayer to wait on Gods timing. My anger and the pain of a sexless marriage. Some times it is to much, I give into my sin and I can’t see my husband the way God see’s him.

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